Hosting & Domain Names

Web Hosting
With Blue Tongue Digital

At Blue Tongue Digital, we use Australian based servers for all of our hosting. This allows us to provide a fast, reliable connection. While many hosting providers will use a 'start up' price and then charge increasingly more per month, we offer the same, competitive rate each month. We also include an SSL certificate with our hosting plans. This is essential for all sites but is often priced as an additional extra, ranging from $50 - $200 per domain. We use the latest technologies and handle all of our support in house.


get the party started
$ 15 starting from $15 PER MONTH
  • 3GB of storage - suitable for most small/hobby websites. SSL certificate included.


Kick Things Up A Notch
  • 10GB of storage - suitable for most medium sized websites. SSL certificate included.


Tailored For You
Priced For You
  • Tailored plan to match your needs - suitable for large, content heavy websites and software solutions.

Domain Name Registration

We can cover the website process from start to finish for you! This includes registering your domain name. Prices will be quoted depending on the top level domain you require (eg, etc). If you're unsure which to choose, we can suggest an appropriate and available extension for your business.