5 Steps For A Successful E-Commerce Website – Part 2

In this blog series we’ve put together 5 important steps that are crucial for expanding your site to include e-commerce. Each blog post will cover 1 crucial step.

Quality Content

In the previous post we discovered how your websites composition can play a key factor in your overall success, in this post we’ll be exploring how quality content can increase your stores conversions.

Visual Content

Quality images and videos are crucial for a successful e-commerce website. Now that you’re expanding into e-commerce, your audience needs to be able to clearly see what they are buying. Quality images have multiple benefits; they inform your audience, build trust and give your site a professional appearance. Ultimately, they will increase your conversions.

A good starting point is to have your products photographed on a plain background, making it easier to for visitors to see product features. It’s also important to include ‘lifestyle photos or videos’, this content helps your audience envision how your product would be used on a day-to-day basis. They are also helpful in conveying your brand’s message. Although it might be initially a bit more work to gather high quality content, it is a crucial step for a successful e-commerce website and will pay back time and time again with increased conversions.

Clever Copywriting

A good product description needs to do more than just describe your product – it needs to tell your audience what’s in it for them and why they need to make that purchase. The best product descriptions don’t just list the features, but instead inform the user of the benefits to them from each feature.

Take a look at how the main page for Soundbar 360 has been written – The HD speaker is sold as ‘the ultimate gaming experience’. Instead of just listing the specifications of the speaker, it’s sold to the audience as an immersive experience.

When writing product descriptions it’s also important to use natural tone and make the descriptions easy to read. Sentences should be scannable and use words that evoke the readers emotion and imagination. Product descriptions can also be a useful tool for SEO.

If you don’t feel like you can do your products justice, ask your web agency if they provide copy writing services to give your descriptions that extra punch.

What’s Next?

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Before you venture into the e-commerce space have a think about the following:

  • Purchases are emotional decisions, in a physical store your customers can pick up and feel your product in their hands. How can you use quality content and lifestyle photos to convey these emotions?
  • While you can take product photos yourself, working with a photographer will ensure your products are presented properly. It will also give your store a professional feel, helping increase conversions.