5 Steps For A Successful E-Commerce Website – Part 4

In this blog series we’ve put together 5 important steps that are crucial for expanding your site to include e-commerce. Each blog post will cover 1 crucial step.

Generating Traffic

Your site has been built, your quality content added and it’s optimised for sales. Now you need to get that first customer through the door! There are many proven ways to do this which all require varying levels of time, money and effort and as result, acquire different levels of traffic to your website. We’ve outlined 3 popular methods below. Make sure to also check out our ‘quick start guide’ for SEO in step 5.

Facebook Ads:

Facebook is an extremely powerful tool for you to drive new customers to your online store. Not only is it the largest social media platform in the world but it’s also built for advertising. Setting up a Facebook Ads account allows you to target users based on their demographics, interests, location and behaviour. When executed correctly you are able to really narrow down your advertising to your ideal customer.

You can also set up a Facebook pixel to help measure how effective your campaigns are and retarget viewers from your website. Your Facebook pixel can track page views, time on page, scroll depth and events such as add to cart and purchase. Although Facebook pixel can be quite complex, the insights that it will give you into what your audience does after seeing your ads is extremely valuable. We highly recommend installing Facebook Pixel and doing a little more research into how it can help your marketing campaign.

Engage Your Current Network:

When launching your e-commerce store, ask your friends and family to share the news!

Use social media and word of mouth to share updates within your networks. Engage with your existing customers by offering contests and giveaways when they share news of your online launch. This is an excellent way to help transition your existing customers into your online store and even generate some new traffic.

Engaging with your current network could even give your store enough momentum for a regular stream of customers beyond the initial launch.

Write Blog Posts That Inform:

This tactic has potential to attract a huge amount of traffic to your website but it isn’t as easy as it may initially appear.

You need to put yourself in the position of your ideal customer – what problems do they have? What can you help them solve? What are they interested in learning about? You then need to ask yourself what keywords and phrases would they use to find this information? Where would they go? Put this information together to create your blog posts.

To be successful at this tactic you need to know your ideal customer well. There is a reasonable amount of effort required but if you are successful, you will be able to generate large amounts of traffic from search engines to your site for low cost.

What’s Next?

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